Saturday, January 8, 2011

First knitted stuffed animal.

When my nephew Jacob was born (cousin Aaron and Dianna's first born) I decided to dust off my knitting skills and attempt a stuffed animal. I printed a pattern from the web years ago and found it somewhere among my yarn. The pattern called for double pointed needles, and though I've always been intimidated by them, I decided to not voice the intimidation for fear the needles might hear me and take whatever little courage I had. So I forged on without hesitation and started the project. I wish I thought about taking pictures as I went along, but it only occurred to me before stuffing.
Here is the last couple of steps before the finished project. Turned out really cute :)
Baby Jacob.

Saturday, January 1, 2011


2010 was a great year. The first half was spent planning our unforgettable wedding, and the last half was spent being a giddy newlywed. I realize that the year revolved around love and all that mushy stuff, and perhaps for the bitter betty's out there it would seem as if I based too much of my 2010 happiness on a man, but you can take all of that negativity put it in a box and bury it somewhere, because it was such an unforgettable year.
It's amazing how January 1, 12:00 am has this effect of recharging a person. They feel ambitious and so positive for the next 365 days ahead of them. As if no matter what happened in the previous 365 days, the first day of the new year is all the new beginning a person needs. I am definitely a victim to this. The idea of a clean slate is so tempting it's hard not to cling to it.

So what does 2011 have in store for me? Well some on the list seems a little ambitious, but not impossible. Here's a condensed list off the top of my head.
  • More writing. Always.
  • More flossing. Never hurts.
  • Career stability. Sooner than later.
  • Financial stability. Desperately needed.
  • More crafts. Brings me joy.
  • An etsy. Much desired.
  • Weekly mani/pedis. Why not?
  • Parallel Parking Queen. Doable.
  • Novel. Ummm....
  • More reading. Missed it so.
Well...2011, let's do this.