Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Bikram and me.

I found Bikram in Bellingham and fell in love.
Some friends said my love was more of an obsession.

I couldn't get enough of him.
I would plan my days around Bikram.
I would plan my meals around Bikram.
They were right, I was obsessed, but I didn't care.

Others complained about his warmth.
They said it was too much....suffocating even. 

But his warmth made my skin glow.
It made my brown cheeks turn a natural pink hue that emerges only in his presence. 
His warmth never suffocated me, it invigorated me.

For two years it comforted me, his teachings focused me. 

But unfortunately this relationship came with a steep price tag.

When I moved to Seattle, I wasn't making very much money so the thought of shelling out almost $200 a month for yoga was a luxury I couldn't afford. So I stopped my practice. 

Now that I've moved back to Maryland I've decided to rekindle my love for Bikram. $185 a month still seems steep but its no longer breaking my bank. 

I've spent many days researching studios from Maryland to DC. I've compared prices, locations, schedules. 

The closest studio was 30 minutes away with no traffic. 
That's an hour and a half for the class, and another hour in the commute. 
I work in DC. I am already in the car for two hours of my day. The thought of adding another hour to my daily commute was far from appealing, not to mention the schedule conflicts with work. How much did I really love Bikram?

There was one studio that I thought would fit my schedule and wallet. It was 35-40 min away with traffic and they offered a 6:15 am class. If I left my house at 5:45 am I would make it there in time.  I had to try at least once.  I spent so many days planning for the right time, location and price it was time to just get back into it.  

I decided to check it out one evening so I wouldn't be lost at 6 am. 

Instead I got lost at 7pm. It took me 45 min to get to the studio and I ended up being late and missing the class all together. 

I consoled myself over a chai latte at the nearest Starbucks. As I pouted,  I went over different yoga studio locations and schedules once again on my phone, trying to see if I missed any. I couldn't justify taking that much time out of my day to try to fit in yoga.

As I drove home, I came to the realization that Bellingham spoiled me. 

The studio was only a two minute walk from my apartment and an affordable $99 a month. Two things that I dont think I'll ever find again. I had come to know all the instructors and they had learned all my strengths and weaknesses.  

Bellingham Studio

It was clean, well lit, and spacious. 
Unable to find another studio that meets my needs, I came up with a brilliant plan that night.
I'm going to set up my own little studio and practice from the comfort of my home.