Thursday, August 13, 2009

A funeral to my dream wedding.

A few months ago my boyfriend asked me to marry him. I have since, cluttered my coffee table with many, many wedding magazines. We decided to keep the engagement to ourselves for a few weeks; just relish in the good news before our families tainted it with their ideas and views. In those weeks, we were able to, surprisingly, figure out where we wanted to get married, our colors, and our wedding party. We even went to the location we chose and fell in love.
...and then we told our parents. After sitting down with them one afternoon we realized that the dream wedding we planned, with about 150 guests, was just that-a dream. Our parents have promised to keep the guest list down to 500 people. Large weddings loose so much of the detailed planning I was hoping for. How do you pick favors for a crowd that big? Since it's the only "real" wedding in either of our families, they have big plans in mind. They ARE paying for it. I decided to let them have their 500 guests, but it is so hard to find a decent venue for a crowd that size! I guess this is just the beginning of the year ahead of me.
...but tonight I want to raise my glass to our ideal wedding; may it rest in peace.

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