Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Crossword Addict

I love doing the daily crossword. My obsession started in Bellingham, when BFF Crystal and I would go get dumplings at Pel Meni, and we would look over the Cascadia Weekly while we waited for our food to get ready. Our ritual would be to read our horoscopes, and to do the crossword puzzle. Soon it became "crosswords with crystal". Since then we've recruited Leah, and even on occasion Chad. We have our own house rules when doing the crossword: we each get a life line. Pre dating, mine would always be Chad, he just seems to know it all, it's sickening. Leah likes to "cheat" and have many more lifelines than Crystal and I approve of. We're kinda sticklers about it. I think it makes me feel less of a cheater for even having "lifelines".
I am by no means good at the crosswords. I'd like to believe it doesn't actually measure one's intellect, but if I do poorly I feel pretty stupid.
Get a friend, a couple of pencils and the daily crossword. Give it a go. I guarantee lots of interesting conversation and lots of laughs.

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