Thursday, November 11, 2010


I was up late one night and Cheers was on tv land. It was some sort of marathon. After I watched a few of them I found myself laughing out loud and actually a little surprised that the show kept my attention. I remember it when I was younger, but only bits and pieces, it was a little too old for me when It was on tv. I decided to find the entire series online and watch it.
Chad and I found them on you tube and have been very content with the show. There are 11 seasons! Who knew?? It's taken us some time to get through (each season averages 26 shows), but we just started season 10. And I have to admit, I'm a little sad knowing it's all about to end. I know they're just characters, and all tv shows must come to an end, but nonetheless, it's really like saying goodbye to friends of ours. The same feelings the rest of the nation got when seinfeld ended, or friends. The picture was taken for my friends Melanie and Rick who bought me that bottle of champagne for my birthday, it was coincidental that 'cheers' is in the background, but couldn't have planned it better myself :)

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