Wednesday, November 17, 2010

my husband and my dream house.

As far as husbands go, I think I hit the jackpot. Of course, that's my COMPLETELY biased opinion; but it's hard to deny that he is pretty awesome. When we first started "dating" I would actually get upset at the fact that he was good at everything. On more than one occasion I thought, is there anything he can't do? Now that we're married, I still get annoyed from time to time at his many skills, but I can also use some of these to my advantage ; )
For example: One day Chad will be able to build me my dream house.
From scratch!! Exactly the way we ( I ) want it.
That alone is reason enough to keep him around.
I've been able to visualize the rooms that I really want, no, need, in my house. There's the basic ones that have to be fabulous:
  • THE KITCHEN: with many built in shelves, cupboards, gas burners, island, custom countertops, mosaic backsplash (maybe), and the best name a few of the essentials. And I want everything to be be multi functional. I want one countertop that is a huge cutting board...or something like that.
  • THE BATHROOM: it doesn't have to be big. Just as long it has a great shower head (maybe even the rain type that is on the ceiling) an amazing tub something like this (found this on the internet somewhere):

Some others I found on the internet that I like:

(sorry got a little carried away with the bathtub pictures)

I guess those are the basic rooms that most people would have in their homes (pretty standard, kitchen and bathroom) but then I would need some additional rooms:
  • My Craft Room: I've got so many craft things. It's a little insane. I've been carrying them around in this little cart thing:

But I need a craft room. Yes, a room dedicated solely to my craft needs. Something along the lines of this:
AND i found this brilliant idea of hanging screw top jars from a shelf for storage.
(I wouldn't be storing teas, although the way this person has it set up is cute...if you like that sort of thing).
  • Glass blowing room: YEs, aside from the craft room, I need a glass blowing room, ok, my talented chad could somehow fashion a room that has another section for glass blowing, with a hood for ventilation and somewhat a garage/workshop feel. Actually, that would be a great idea. A room that is somehow sectioned for my all my craft needs.
  • a Dark Room: I've always wanted a dark room. I know we're in the age of digital, but I'll have a dark room for my 35mm and for the digital printing.
I think those are all the rooms that I have to have in this dream house of mine. Of course, my chad can have his recording studio somewhere in this house and whatever his needs are, as long as he gets these rooms in there.
My dream house is going to be FABULOUS. I know it will be years till this will be done, but when it is i doubt i'll ever step outside again.

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