Thursday, December 13, 2012

Hello frenemy.

Since I was 8 years old, the first thing I did when I woke up was reach for my glasses.  I was near sighted with astigmatism
In the 5th grade (1989) I sported pink glasses (I just can't bring myself to post photos). During class one day the screw came loose and my lens popped out of the frames. The only solution that I could think of at the time was to tape them together. For some odd reason I happened to have pink scotch tape (must've been my favorite color). Regardless of the matching color, it was still very evident that I had scotch taped my glasses together.  I went through the rest of the day with my pink glasses taped together with my pink scotch tape. 
It gets worse. 
I was a crossing guard that year. The entire school had front row seats to my pink mess, as I helped them cross the street. I can't remember if I was embarrassed by the whole situation at the time, or if I thought it was awesome that my pink tape came in handy. Either way it is a memory that stayed with me all these years, so I think it's safe to assume it scarred me  
For nine years my prescription slowly rose to -10.  Without my glasses everything was a big blur.  My lenses were so thick that I couldn't get any "cute" frames (this is also the case with my big 9.5 size feet, very hard to find cute shoes, woe is me).
Then 11 years ago, almost to date, my life changed.  I welcomed a laser into my eyeballs, in hopes that I can leave my glasses and contacts in the dust. 
It was just as scary as it sounds. 
A red laser is beaming into your eyes and you are forced to stare at it. Then they send you home and tell you to sleep. A lot.
When I awoke the next day. I could see.  Just like that I had 20/20 vision. (For the low low price of several thousand dollars-thanks dad).
I no longer reached for my glasses in the morning, I didn't have to worry about taking out my contact lenses at night before I fell asleep. I was done with them. Without hesitation the first thing I did was throw out my glasses and contacts. I vowed to never take for granted the ability to just open your eyes and see everything. 
A couple of years ago Chad asked me read him a street sign while driving, and I found myself squinting a tad to focus on it.  I didn't think much of it. But as the months went on I found myself squinting at far away things a lot more. When I had to renew my drivers license I was a little nervous. I borrowed my friend Brennas glasses, just in case.  I had no intention of taking them out of my purse...
I had to take them out of my purse.
I scheduled an eye appointment, and sure enough, my vision was no longer 20/20.  My right eye was -2, and my left was -1.75.  I was so sad.  I didn't want to believe that I really needed glasses again. I had gotten used to ten years of not relying on them.  But eventually, when all the brake lights were getting a little fuzzy when driving at night, I had to face the facts and fill my prescription. 
At least my prescription is low enough that I can choose any frames I want. (I got mine from Warby Parker.  You can pick 5 glasses to try on before you purchase one, and they're affordable! Check them out) I also got some contact lenses.  I'm sure I could use them all the time and I would be able to see the world in a clearer state, but I'm still a little in denial. 
Maybe in a few years if my vision continues to deteriorate I may revisit LASIK, but for now I will keep some pink scotch tape handy, just in case.  
You again.  

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