Sunday, November 11, 2012

Oh, Martha!

One of my favorite shows on NPR is "Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me" If you haven't heard it before, you should check it out.  It's a very entertaining hour long news game show.  Chad and I listen to the podcast of it on Monday mornings during our hour long commute to work.  We try to test our knowledge along with the panelists to see if we are up to date on our current events.  One of the segments on the show is called "Not my job", where they invite celebrities on to the show and they have to answer three multiple choice  questions that have nothing to do with their profession.  I'm really not doing this show justice.  Just listen to an episode, you'll like it.  
This week they had Martha Stewart on, and in true Martha form she was giving us common folk advice on how to make our lives easier. 
Today's helpful tidbit was on garlic.
It was so unbelievable I had to go home and try it right away, regardless if I needed a whole head of garlic or not.
Martha told me that I could take one head of garlic:

Put it in a container: (Us Indians call these pots degchis- pronounced dhekshees. Chad hates these pots because they have no handles which make them a pain to cook with..but that's a story for another day...)

Place another container on top of it so it fits the opening perfectly(looks like a top hat): 
Shake for about a minute:

....And each clove will be peeled:
Well I'll be damned.  She was right.
I was a skeptic, but shame on me for doubting her tried and true methods.
I don't need all those garlic cloves, but I'll stick them in the fridge for another day.  The point is, it works, and I will never have to waste my time peeling garlic cloves again, and now neither do you.   Thank you Martha.  Thank you.

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