Thursday, May 9, 2013

David, I think it's time we met.

I was introduced to David Sedaris' work on a road trip. It was an audiobook -Me talk pretty one day

I instantly became a fan. 

Since then I have only purchased the audio version of his books because I really enjoy hearing him narrate them. I wouldn't be able to replicate his deadpan delivery if I was reading it to myself.

He came to Bellingham once when I lived there and Crystal and I wanted to hear him but it was sold out.  We have tried to see him when he came to Seattle but it never worked out. We finally came to terms with probably never seeing him live.

I consoled myself by telling {me} that its stupid to pay lots of money to hear him read his book when I can just listen to the audiobook and it'll basically be the same thing.

I mean was he going to sing? Play an instrument? Do magic? Probably not.  

Oh man! What if he does magic?? I can't focus on that now I've already decided I'm not going to see him do a reading. 

Being a fan of his on Facebook I found that he was going on tour again this year, but before that, he was doing book signings in random cities promoting his new book -Lets Explore Diabetes with Owls. I quickly scanned the events page to see if he would be making a stop in DC. 
He wasn't. 
And then, instinctually, I checked if he was doing a book signing in Seattle. I don't know why; to feel sorry for myself that I wouldn't be able to go I guess?  
Lucky for my feelings he wasn't stopping in Seattle either.  I did notice that he would be signing books in New York City.  I AM always looking for an excuse to visit New York...

I am so fascinated with the city. I think I'm in love with her.  I get completely swept up in her grandeur.  But we ll only have brief flings, after all my heart is spoken for.

I wasn't sure if Chad would be up for driving to New York to meet David Sedaris, so I dismissed the idea. But as the date got closer I decided to casually run it by him.  Because my car was riding on a spare, I decided that it may be smarter to take the megabus. The megabus goes from DC to NYC for $20 one way. You don't have to pay tolls, worry about parking, or have to stay awake while driving. ...Or at least that was the spiel I gave Chad. 

I think almost 3 years into our marriage he is accepting that I often come up with crazy ideas that I think are completely logical. 

"You want to ride 4 1/2 hours to New York on a bus... to get a book signed?"
And then shaking his head and with a smile I'm sure I didn't fabricate he said, "...Sure, honey."
It was settled then, I was going to meet David. 

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