Saturday, May 11, 2013

David, I think it's time we met (Part 2)

I managed to wrangle some friends from New York to join Chad and I for David Sedaris's book signing. Johnny, the grinning gentlemen above, I have known since I was 15 years old, he is my brothers best friend and I consider him family. Jessica, the lady on the right, also someone I have known for at least 10 years now, also a close friend of my brothers, and also someone I consider family.  They just happen to be in a relationship as well, and graciously host us whenever we travel to the big city.  Amie, not Amy or Ami, (on the left, who kind of looks like she's jabbing her privates-sheesh Amie, try not to do that in public), I met when we both worked at Starbucks back in Bellingham in 2005.  She recently moved to New York with her boyfriend (Tim) and has New York adventures of her own that you can read all about on her blog:
Close to 5pm, the bookstore, McNally Jackson, had a small line going around the corner, nothing too long yet and I was finally beginning to accept that I was actually going to meet one of my favorite authors.  
After standing in line for ten minutes Amie and I realized that the rest of our gang ditched us.  There is still debate as to whether we were properly informed of their departure.  We were so close to meeting David, I just couldn't imagine who would just leave like that!  Fools I tell you! Fools. 
While waiting close to an hour in a very unorganized line, we noticed the store clerks had armfuls of the new book and just handing them out to people.  
Not selling them to people, giving them to people.
I looked down at the receipt of the three books I made Chad run in and purchase when we first got in line outside.  I was afraid of them running out, or me having to leave the line and lose my place to purchase it later.  $90 for three hardcover books, and here these people are handing them out.  Stupid, stupid, stupid!

When I finally found myself in front of David Sedaris, I was so nervous I was at a loss for words, which is very rare for me.
I wanted to tell him how my bangs were sticking to my forehead because of my nerves, how I wore a low-cut dress for him, though I know he is gay,  and in a relationship, and that my elbows were probably ashy and it was really distracting me from this moment.
Luckily, I didn't say any of that.
I found myself throwing Johnny, Jessica and Chad under the bus as an ice breaker with Mr. Sedaris.  I grabbed one of my three copies and had him address it to them.  I explained how they ditched us in search of food, and how in conclusion they must not like him. 

He politely chuckled and signed their book: To Jess, Johnny and Chad - I hope you're satisfied with yourselves.
The next book he signed was BFF Crystals, her inscription read: To Crystal- Your charming friend bedazzled me. 
ME! I bedazzled him. (Don't take it away from me, let me just have that).
My inscription read: To Meenal- My Abandoned friend.  And lastly, Amie he signed- To Amie, a slow and steady friend.   Amie got a drawing in her book, the lucky bastard.
He told us an interesting story of his time in Bellingham, never rushed us off, and all around was a pleasant man, as I just knew he would be. 

Our meeting did leave me with two regrets:
Being so star struck in front of him that I lost all eloquence, 
and not making him cupcakes or chicken curry. 
Ah well…next time.

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