Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Gamble much?

I am not a huge basketball fan.  If I am in a place that has it on, I can appreciate the game and might even get into it, especially if its the finals.
With that being said, I made a very stupid STUPID bet last week.  I decided to make a bet with Chad's cousins on the Pacers vs Heat game.  They even let me pick the team I thought would win first.   After giving it a good 2 second thought, I chose the underdogs, the Pacers.  I didn't even know what their name was, I said: "Not the Heat."  This wasn't even the big championship finals, this was just the game deciding who was going to go to the championship from the east coast conference (is that a thing?).
I would like to tell you that I was bullied into this bet.  That they took advantage of my lack of sports knowledge.  But I really only have myself to blame.  We bet dinner at a restaurant that we have all been wanting to try.  Loser pays for the entire meal.

I lost.

Pacers 76 vs Heat 99

We went to dinner at Le Diplomate in DC last night, to pay my debt.  The food was good, the company was a little too "gloat-y" for my taste. They made it a point to get the most expensive appetizer, entree, and dessert on the menu.  Poor Chad, punished for my gambling, after all it's coming out of our joint bank account.  Again, I have no one but myself to blame.  I don't have a gambling problem, I enjoy the craps table, and maybe some scratchers now and then, but nothing serious.  It's not my vice.  Really.

Shrimp Salad and Dungeness crab for appetizers.  Jerks.

Oh man, that's a lot of money. Not to mention a nice tip on top of that.

NEVER AGAIN. So stupid.

At the end of the meal when they asked me who do I want to pick to bet on in the NBA Championship?
I should've laughed in their faces and said "No way Jose." Or something cheesy and innocent like that. Fool me once people!

But instead I replied: "Not the Heat".
And Chad just shook his head at me.
I sensed his disappointment.

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