Thursday, June 20, 2013

Welcome to my home Bikram.

I started my at-home Bikram yoga practice this week.  Remember when I had that epiphany back in October? You can read all about it here.  
Don't focus on how it's taken 8 months for me to actually make it happen. There have been business trips, vacations, holidays, birthdays, lazy days…
Besides, I said DON'T focus on that.  
Instead, let's talk about my "studio" set up and mid-years resolution.  
I set it up in the bathroom, there's a little walkway between its entrance and the shower/toilet. It's a perfect area to enclose and get hot.  I just had to purchase two things: A humidifier, and a thermometer that gauges humidity levels and the room temperature.  Not a bad price, $50.33 total, just a fraction of what a month would cost anywhere else.
I already had a space heater, yoga mat/towels, and an audio version of the entire Bikram yoga class  taught by Mr. Bikram himself.  I was ready to start.  
The first day I attempted it, I only had one heater in there and the room was not getting hot enough.   I added another space heater and soon the humidity levels and the temperature were soaring.  As you can see above, the room got to 106*F!  Bikram studios are usually around 40% humidity and anywhere between 105-110* F.  My humidity levels were a little high, but I was ok with it.
I was sweating by the first posture, yay!  
I have completed a week in my "studio" and I couldn't be happier:  
  • I have the flexibility to practice whenever I want
  • There's no travel time (I do have to warm up the room for 30 minutes before, but at least I can do other things while its warming up)
  • I can wear or not wear whatever I want  (I'm very content doing yoga in a sports bra and bikini bottoms in this heat and the comfort of my home)
  • and I'm saving a couple hundred dollars each month
Of course there are some cons as well:
  • I don't have a trained professional to push or assist me in any postures.
  • I have to work that much harder to make sure I stay focused
  • and I do have a teeny tiny fear that if I pass out for some reason (due to the heat, or if I fall over in a pose and hit my head on the sink, who knows?) by the time Chad finds me it may be too late-I'd be a goner. I have made him promise me he'll check on me if I'm not out in 93 minutes. 
If you wanted to practice in your home, here's my warning label: please please please make sure you've had plenty of training in an actual studio with real certified trainers first before you attempt to do it on your own.  Though it has been many years since my Bellingham yoga days, I went 4-5 days a week for two years.  That is the only reason I feel I can do this by myself.  
When I do Bikram, I tend to get a little obsessed (again, you can read all about it here), so you'll probably be seeing more posts about yoga, just a heads up. 

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